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Melanie Story, M.D.
Board Certified in Family Medicine
DPC Coalition National Steering Committee
Pharmacy & Therapeutics KY Advisory Committee

​Louisville Voice Tribune featured
​Louisville Top Doctor multi-year
 Louisville Voice Tribune featured
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"Best of Kentuckiana" multi-year
Compassionate Physician Award multi-year
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"Changing Healthcare, Changing Lives"
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Congratulations Dr. Story again named a
​"Top Doc" in Family Medicine in 2019!

Your Questions Answered
I am not a previous patient of Dr. Story's.  May I join her new DPC practice?
      Absolutely.  Call today to join or simple sign-up using the icon above "Sign-Up".

Will you get back with me if I leave a message on your office phone?
Yes.  We check office messages when not addressing the needs of other patients and will return calls when the
       staff becomes available during office hours.
How long should I anticipate waiting to see the provider once I have arrived for my appointment?
       Your time in the waiting room will be minimal.  Generally, you will be seen promptly at your appointment time
       assuming no emergent situations are occuring in the office.  

How long are office visits with this new DPC model?
       Office visits will vary with the need of each patient.  

How quickly can I expect to get in to see the provider should an acute need arise?
       We will make every attempt to address acute care needs same day or next day excluding extenuating
Are physical exams considered to be an acute care need?
       No.  While we work you in as quickly as possible for your annual exam as they too are important to your
       overall healthcare, please know that acute and/or emergent needs will always be seen first in order to
       address their medical issues in a timely manner.

Do you accept insurance?
     Your medical insurance will not be used for DPC provider fee.  DPC does not replace insurance.  It
      can be used for your lab or diagnostic testing and hospitalization should that need arise.  As a DPC provider, we
      welcome the opportunity to work with each patient taking insurance plans into consideration to see if wholesale
      lab options will benefit you.  
I have a Flex Spending Account (FSA).  Will I be able to submit my monthly membership fee for reimbursement as I did in the traditional fee-for-service setting?
      The good news is Yes!  

Can I utilize Medicare to pay for DPC services?
 We cannot bill Medicare on your behalf nor can you submit your monthly membership fee to Medicare for
      reimbursement.  However, if you have Medicare you can still join as a patient.  You will be able to utilize your
      Medicare benefits for testing, medications and hospitalizations.
What happens if I have an emergency?  Should I call Genesis 1 Health to handle it?
       Always address emergent medical needs utilizing 911 or the closest emergency care center to your location.        
​       Once the emergent need has been addressed, contact the office to inform us of medical issues.
What happens when Dr. Story is out town or experiences an emergency and I need to see her?
       You will have access to another provider to address your needs.

What if I need the services of Genesis 1 Health while I am away or traveling?  May I still reach out to the office?
       Yes, many medical concerns can be addressed over the phone by calling us at 502-890-4242.
Do you have a family pricing plan available?
Contact 502-650-7374 for more information as it would pertain to your situation.
What happens to my membership if I move out of the area after becoming a member?
       Should you move out of driving distance of Genesis 1 Health, we will work with you to see that you are
       reimbursed for any unused portion of the membership fee you have paid.  However, since we are different
       from the medical office models we have all grown accustomed to, we will work with you by communicating
       over the phone, email or other manners of communication should you opt to continue care with us.